Pilot Car Safety

Pilot Car Safety

The Skagit Bridge collapsed on May 23rd, 2013. Lack of Pilot Car Safety may have been the cause.

Star Pilot Car – Certified & Qualified Drivers

When shipping an oversize load, it is not only important to make it on time, but to make it there safely. With respect to pilot car safety, pilot car companies need to have the right equipment, up-to-date information on weather & transportation, and a good driving team to prevent any accidents or delays from occurring.

Recently, there was an issue with lack of pilot car safety equipment, where an entire bridge collapsed into the Skagit river, in Washington on the I-5 Skagit River bridge. This accident, and many other heavy haul incidents can be avoided by taking the right pilot car safety precautions/steps to prevent any problems from occurring.

By law, pilot cars are required to have a pole three to six inches higher than the load, to help detect danger. According to the Police investigation, an oversize load struck the bridge, causing a portion of it to collapse into the river. Two cars followed the truck into the river, but nobody was seriously injured. The failure has continued to disrupt transportation.

Pilot Car Safety Guidelines

A few of the guidelines that we are like to follow are:
- Identifying Team Members, discussing our roles and responsibilities of each member.
- Completing a job hazard, identify load specific risks (ie. fire risks, explosive potential, hazardous material, collapsible or fragile loads). This also includes reviewing emergency procedures with team, reviewing load limitations, etc.
- Communications Review, ensure all members of the team are equipped with a two-way radio.
- Preparing for load movement, check and mount “Oversize Load” signs, flags and pilot car lights in accordance with regulations.

At Star Pilot Car, we strive to make the safest oversize load or heavy haul transportation possible. By keeping all of our gear up-to-date, and providing fast and reliable communication within our transport group, our drivers are able to signal danger as fast as possible.

We wish everybody a safe and productive season. Please call us if you need to move any oversize load right now or anytime in the future.

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